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Since starting this website a year ago, I've been pondering what theme to blog about since I'm a bit of a renaissance woman. With one foot in the IT world and the other in outdoor education, I love teaching & creating courses for people of all ages in sustainability, web design, cyber-safety, science & stewardship skills using play-based & place-based methods, applying universal design for learning.

I also enjoy learning about everything from technical support methods to environmental engineering, animal cognition research, wildlife rehabilitation, children's literature, folk music, usability & accessibility in web design, community gardening and smart growth in urban communities... Well, I could go on, but instead I will start blogging about inspiring ideas in these areas and more.

This first post relates to a topic all of us know about, perhaps too well: stress!   Since I am now beginning a search for full-time employment in a field relating to technology or science teaching - or both, learning how to handle stress is a better way has jumped to the top of my to-do list.

This TED talk by Kelly McGonigal about How to Make Stress Your Friend is worth a listen - your health may thank you for doing so.  In the meantime, am sending out a big Thank You to Kelly for sharing her inspiring idea!