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I'd like to post a public thank you to the staff of the Women's Center of Greater Lansing. I've visited several times during the launch of my job search process, and have always left with a lighter heart and a huge smile on my face. Just knowing that they are rooting for me and are available with so much assistance helps keep me motivated in my quest.

The Lansing women's Center is an amazing resource whether you are looking for a job or just moral support. They offer a job-seeker's support group (along with many others), professional clothing closet, computer room & printing, resume & cover letter assistance, counseling, a legal clinic, and even the opportunity to relax with their therapy cats. All services are free or sliding scale. Volunteering & donations are always welcome.

Women's Center of Greater Lansing Logo
Women's Center of Greater Lansing Logo

With many thanks to Professor Grimm & my classmates, I'd like to share with you a fantastic online course at Michigan State University: JRN 492 Seminar: Building Your Professional Brand

In this class I was motivated by grade (of course) but also a fun online badge-earning system to make the following accomplishments in only 5 weeks:

1. Converted my 6 page CV to a 1 page Resume
2. Updated my online hub include a new blog: Inspiring Ideas @
3. Updated & cleaned up my LinkedIn Profile
4. Increased from 1 to 204 connections on LinkedIn
5. Learned how to make recommendations on LinkedIn
6. Renewed contact with many old friends & colleagues on LinkedIn & Facebook
7. Updated my Twitter Profile
8. Updated my Facebook photo to match Twitter, LinkedIn & my Hub Website
9. Learned about the importance of a consolidated, professional brand
10. Learned about a lot of terrific job hunt & branding resources (which I will be blogging about over the next few weeks - watch this space!)