Inspiring Ideas #3: MSU’s Building Your Professional Brand Online Course

With many thanks to Professor Grimm & my classmates, I'd like to share with you a fantastic online course at Michigan State University: JRN 492 Seminar: Building Your Professional Brand

In this class I was motivated by grade (of course) but also a fun online badge-earning system to make the following accomplishments in only 5 weeks:

1. Converted my 6 page CV to a 1 page Resume
2. Updated my online hub include a new blog: Inspiring Ideas @
3. Updated & cleaned up my LinkedIn Profile
4. Increased from 1 to 204 connections on LinkedIn
5. Learned how to make recommendations on LinkedIn
6. Renewed contact with many old friends & colleagues on LinkedIn & Facebook
7. Updated my Twitter Profile
8. Updated my Facebook photo to match Twitter, LinkedIn & my Hub Website
9. Learned about the importance of a consolidated, professional brand
10. Learned about a lot of terrific job hunt & branding resources (which I will be blogging about over the next few weeks - watch this space!)

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