Inspiring Ideas #5: MSU’s Serious Game Design Certificate Program

Have you ever wanted to learn more about one of the fastest growing industries of the new century?

Michigan State University offers a Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design that you can attend either 100% online or via hybrid courses partly on campus in East Lansing.   During my time earning this certificate I learned a great deal about game design theory, particularly in the realm of serious games, as well as user testing and interaction design. The knowledge and experience I gained was applied in several ways:
1. A series of outdoor games in the Nature Science Club.
2. Prototypes of two nature-themed board games: Which Michigan Snake? TreeTop=NewWeb
3. Designs of new courses for the LCC Youth ProgramNature Science, Gaming for Science & 3D World Map Making

MSU's Serious Game Design Certificate Program is highly recommended for its relevance in a variety of careers.

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