Inspiring Ideas #8: CareerOneStop

A one-stop shop for job searching, CareerOneStop has several unique features:

1. In the middle of the homepage, you can select an area of the website for your category, for instance Career Changer, Entry-Level, Veteran, Older Worker, Young Adult, Worker with Disabilities, or even if you are Laid Off . Selecting this link takes you to a tools that assesses the skills you have in your current position and suggests careers using similar skills as well as how to more easily transcend special challenges with resources and suggestions.

2. Under the Explore Careers tab, you can find links to the Fastest-Growing Careers, Careers with the Most Openings, Careers with the Largest Employment, and even Careers with Declining Employment - for your area, state, or the whole country.

4. Also under Explore Careers is the Self Assessment Section where you can discover skills and interests far beyond what you may think of on your own.

5. Scroll over the Job Search Tab for a plethora of resources - the Job Search Planning section is particularly strong

And of course, CareerOneStop has a large listing of jobs for you to peruse with several adjustable filters.

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