While studying educational technology at Michigan State University, I developed an amazing range of professional skills.

Below is a showcase of...
1. Educational Theories explored and applied via paper writing and website creation.
2. Educational Creations leading to Professional Skills enhanced by further applying theories learned in the areas of DESIGN of serious games, DEVELOPMENT of several original K-12 courses in a youth program, as well as FOUNDING, COORDINATING, FACILITATING, and MANAGING COMMUNICATIONS for a non-profit organization.
3. Essays about my college goals, career goals, and teaching philosophy.
4. An Annotated Transcript of each course taken during my Master of Educational Technology.

 Educational Technology Theories

 A Tale of Two Scholars Research Paper
This paper compares the academic habits and practices of a scholar who is a digital native and a scholar who is a digital immigrant. The differences may surprise you!
Educational Theories Google Website
This website was created during an introductory course in my educational technology degree and illustrates the range of theories I've been drawing on ever since.
 Citizen Science Games Comparison Paper
This paper, written during my Serious Games Graduate Certificate Course series, explores the current range of citizen science games - games anyone can play to learn about science while contributing data to scientists who are aiming to improve our world!
 QR Code Course Comparison Paper
This paper, also written during my Serious Games Graduate Certificate Course series, explores the many uses of QR codes, from an interactive 'learn about your local trees' type hike, to a historical and cultural celebration walk in New York.

Educational Technology Creations 

Nature Science Club Website
As a way of applying the play-based, place-based, active and experiential learning theories I was learning about in my Ed-Tech Graduate Program, I created the Nature Science Club with the help of my son and families across Ingham County.

TreeTop=NewWeb Serious Game Prototype Website

This website was created during my Serious Games Graduate Certificate Course series and shows the prototype of a game designed to teach kids of all ages a cautious appreciation for spiders.

Which Michigan Snake Serious Game Prototype
Another serious game prototype, created during my Serious Games Graduate Certificate Course series, that teaches players how to identify the 17 species of snakes in Michigan, while also teaching safety around snakes.

LCC Youth Program Website
During second half of myEd-Tech Graduate Program, I applied play-based, active, and constructivist learning theories by designing 6 courses for the Lansing Community College Youth Program: Cyber-safety, Nature Science, Map-making in 3-D Worlds, Stop Motion Animation, Outdoor Survival Skills, and Gaming for Science.

Educational Technology Essays

Graduate School Goals
This essay describes my goals made and achieved during my educational technology graduate degree.
Teaching Philosophy
This google doc provides a list of my teaching theories developed over several years of teaching and expanded during my ed-tech degree.
Professional Development Goals
This essay describes my future goals at the point of the final semester of my educational technology graduate degree.